Thursday, April 12, 2012

100 Flights!


Recently Harold hit a milestone in his life. He flew on his 100th flight. We decided to start tracking his flights when it took five hops just to get him home from Guatemala. Since then he has traveled to San Francisco, Baltimore, Minnesota, Ethiopia, throughout Alaska and back to Guatemala.

Unfortunately we were not able to be with him on his 100th flight. He was returning from Elim on his way to Nome with my parents on this epic day. But they caught this great shot with the Bering Air pilot who was very impressed with Harold's extensive flying experience.

Can I just say this again? What a kid, what a kid.



Frank Martin said...

Very Nice and so cute.I like the your FAMILY BLOG IDEA.Wish you a very happy family life

Frank Martin said...

Flights To Nigeria

My Abstract heART said...

that is amazing! Congratulations Harold