Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Our Artsy Fartsy School

I have been teaching at Sterling Elementary for more than a quarter now and have not had the chance, until now, to share my awesome new work place with you. 'Thankful' is how I feel about where I ended up getting hired. Sterling Elementary has been a welcoming and supportive environment as I learn to navigate a new job. I am excited about the emphasis this school chooses to put on art. It has challenged me to find new ways to integrate art into the curriculum on a regular basis.
First let me share some of the inspirational and beautiful art that is located throughout the building. Most of these pieces were done collaboratively with students and either their teacher or with an artist in residence.

The mod doors also brighten up a traditionally bland space in buildings. I'm a huge fan of sprucing up doors. =)
arstydoor1 by corudstr arstydoor2 by corudstr
 artsydoor4 by corudstr arstydoor3 by corudstr

At the beginning of the year my kindergarten class did an "All About Me" unit. Two pieces of artwork were produced by each student. The first was pointillism type art in which we "dotted" out our names.

The second art directive was to use painting and photograph to describe your personality. They turned out beautifully and the students received many, many compliments on their work.
artsy1 by corudstr 
Many students say that art is their favorite part of kindergarten. I totally agree!
*Student pieces were used with permission from their parents.