Thursday, April 17, 2014

Harold Does Poetry

Harold never ceases to amaze us with his long list of talents. The most recent discovery was his ability to write poetry. Harold has always enjoyed writing stories but this was something completely different and came seemingly out of nowhere. We were on a road trip and Tizita was in the middle of a crying fit when Harold whipped this out to make her feel better. C.O. and I were blown away.

Tizita is just like a flower;
Rosy and red.
She's the prettiest of all.
Look at her shining bright.
She's the prettiest in sight.

By: Harold Ramos Rudstrom

This evening we had the opportunity to learn more about poetry and celebrate Harold's writing. The Soldotna Public Library held a poetry reading session for kids in recognition of National Poetry Month. They began by reading a selection of poems from around the world followed by nursery rhymes. Kids were encouraged to bring their favorite poem to share as well. We had Harold practice reading slowly and clearly at home so he was prepared for an audience. Harold was too shy to go up by himself but he did a nice job sharing his piece with the group. We are so proud!