Monday, August 13, 2012

How to Make Your Own Golf Course

This summer, Harold decided he loves to play golf. His swing wasn't too bad to be honest. He can hit the golf balls farther and more consistently than I can, not that that is saying much but hey I was still pretty impressed.

A few years ago we bought a little piece of property, less than an acre, across the road from the cabin in Minnesota. Someday we hope to build a large shop there but we have been looking for a way to use the property in the meantime.

And that's when we got a genius idea . . . let's build a golf course.

As you will see, Harold did a large amount of the work with just a little guidance from dad.

Here's step by step how to build your own golf course:

Start by mowing down a field of grass on a piece of land you are otherwise not sure how to use.

Next cut a few pieces of PVC pipe. A larger one for the golf ball hole and a smaller one to hold the flag poles.

Zip tie the small pipe inside of the larger pipe.

Cut out flags. For this project we used a brightly colored shower curtain.

Dig a hole.

Place pipe in the hole and pack the dirt around the pipe.

Stick that flag in the ground.

And you're all set to play a round of golf at your leisure.

Friday, August 3, 2012

My Friend Mollie: A Love Story

This is me and my friend Mollie. We were roommates our freshman year of college.

We became pretty good friends.

We had many adventures and even spent some time traveling in England and Ireland together. We made many good memories.

But as these things go, our careers took us in different directions. Mollie started work as a nurse in Arizona and I moved to rural Alaska. One January, C.O. and I traveled to Tuscon for a midwinter trip to catch up with Mollie and to thaw out for a while.

Mollie then made the journey to Brevig Mission to visit us and to feel some cooler temperatures.

And we made many good memories.

Turns out, Mollie kind of liked the Seward Peninsula so a year and a half later, she pursued a job in Nome.

Mollie settled easily into Nome life. She met many new people, made many new friends but one of those friends was extra special. His name was Steve.

Together Mollie and Steve experienced all that bush life had to offer. As they picked berries, shot guns and took in the awesome beauty of the tundra . . .

they fell in love.

It didn't take long for Steve to ask Mollie to marry him.

Of course she said yes.

Just two weeks ago, our family drove down to Mollie's home town of Ankeny, Iowa to help celebrate Mollie and Steve's wedding day.

And we made many good memories.

The End

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Mary Crockett Was Here

This past two weeks we had a special visitor spend a few days with our family. Mary Crockett, a former student of mine who grew up in Brevig Mission, has been attending camp Widgiwagan north of Ely for the past few years. Three of those years we picked her up after camp so she could spend some time experiencing Minnesota cabin life. We love her, our kids love her and we are so fortunate to be able to spend time with her each year.

So what did we do to keep our gal Mary busy?

We did some road trippin'. Last year we journeyed to Missouri for a wedding this year it was Iowa.

She got some water skiing lessons.

Mary was always willing to help out with the kids. For a little while we get to feel what it's like to have a nanny and let me tell you, it's a beautiful thing.


We put her to work doing chores . . .

and helping with some projects as well.

And of course we had a whole lot of fun.

We loved having you Mary, come and stay any time!