Monday, April 23, 2012

A Sweet Little Baby Shower

Saturday was a special day for Tizita and me. My coworkers threw a little baby shower to welcome this baby girl into our lives. 


At times like this I appreciate the resourcefulness of bush dwellers. Pretty wrappings and supplies aren't something we keep on hand so we just make do. For example, Misty had one of our coworkers make me a corsage from tissue paper.


It was a hoot to see what was used for wrapping packages. Karen hand stamped a paper bag with gingerbread men, Misty chose to use butcher paper, Angie repurposed her daughter's Easter basket wrapping and Elizabeth used one of her throw blankets to tie up her gift. She wanted the throw back though.


We seemed to have had an explosion of little girls amongst the teaching staff this year. About a year ago, Zoey (far left), was the only little girl among the teachers' kids. Now we have a whole bunch of sugar and spice and everything nice.

Thanks for the lovely afternoon ladies!


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