Monday, April 16, 2012

Movin' On

We have told our friends, we have told our families, it's been announced on facebook and on twitter but we have yet to tell our "blog only" followers our big news. After ten years in bush Alaska, we decided it is time to move out of the little community of Brevig Mission. As much as we love our quirky life in the ruralest part of rural Alaska we know that it is time for the next phase in our life.

Why? You may ask. Well, there are many things that affected our decision. Though we love it here, there are also many difficulties and hardships to bush living. You should know that our decision didn't come lightly. We will miss the people of Brevig Mission, the slow pace of life and the good feeling that comes with being part of a small community. We will NOT miss the cost of living, the crazy cold, the nonstop wind or the painfully slow internet connection however.

We plan to move to the Kenai Peninsula near the towns of Soldotna, Kenai and Sterling about 150 miles south of Anchorage. I have been looking for a job in that area and hope that someone will take me on board. I feel like my years of experience in Brevig will help me stand out as a strong candidate for a teaching position.

I know some of you read this blog because of your interest in bush life. My hope is that you will continue to look in as we explore another part of the great state of Alaska.



Anonymous said...

I am excited for your family's new adventure to begin! I'm sure with your talents, you will have no difficulty getting a job! It's so much fun to learn about Alaska through your blog! Thanks for sharing with us in Minnesota!! Good luck & wishes are coming your way! Sheryl

Niedziela said...

It's funny where life leads us. Andrew and I are heading out to the Seward Peninsula for our next adventure (Buckland to be exact). I must say thank you for your blog. It has been interesting "getting to know" you and your family through it. Andrew and I used the information you put on your blog to help us in making the decision to actually move to Alaska so thank you for all that wonderful insight to give us the push to this adventure! I look forward to reading about your new adventures "on the road."

The Rudstroms said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence Sheryl!

You are very sweet Jocelyn! I have been reading your blog too and appreciate the topics you cover. I don't know much about Buckland but I hope you enjoy it!


Lance Simons said...

I am starting a digital magazine on Alaska life and was hoping you would consider submitting an occasional article.

Thank you,
Lance Simons