Friday, June 27, 2008


Baltimore was great. We were commenting that we would never have picked it as a vacation destination but it turns out Baltimore is a really cool city. The Inner Harbor has a lot going on, the Aquarium, museums, great restaurants etc. Within walking distance are many more great places to shop, tour and dine. If you love boats and other nautical type things, the Baltimore Harbor would be for you.

The reason we were there was for a work conference. The reading program the Bering Strait School District uses is called Success For All (SFA) and is used by various schools nation wide. This conference was for new leaders in the SFA program. Both my brother John and I help facilitate the program at our school so we both had the opportunity to attend. Here, John and Harold are listening to some tunes on the flight to Baltimore.

C.O. and Harold got to walk around all day and explore while I worked. I was a bit jealous that they got to see and do more than I did but I was able to do my share of exploring too.

I think the internet, social networks etc. are great. I mentioned on facebook that I was in Baltimore and my friend, Jenn Martin, happened to notice, e-mailed me and said she was only two hours away. Being the great person she is, she and her husband worked it out on the spur of the moment to drive out and see us. It was a really nice visit. Our husbands and kids got to meet each other, we had a picnic on Federal Hill and walked around the harbor. I hadn't seen her in more than 10 years so it was great to catch up.


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