Friday, May 22, 2009

More Haines

We arrived in Haines on Thursday morning via a small bush plane. The flight route was through the Lynn Canal, the deepest fiord in the western hemisphere. We’ve had perfect sunny weather to enjoy the amazing scenery around us.

Our friend Jeff, who I taught with a few years ago, and his daughter Hannah picked us up at the airstrip, treated us to breakfast and a tour of Haines. We then drove 40 miles out of town to the Bochart residence.

The place where Jeff lives is cool in a lot of ways. Each building and the details in and around the property were designed and made by Jeff. His and his family's artistic touches are evident in each nook and crany. It's also cool that there are are few farm animals hanging out here and there. Harold was pretty excited to check out the chickens, sheep, goats and to try and make friends with their dog, Mason.

Harold is also working to master the outhouse. The outhouse isn't a secondary option here, it's the only option.

After catching up a bit, we went for a little hike along the river to toss rocks
and enjoy the scenery and good company. We made a river crossing with bare
feet that was about the coldest thing I've ever experienced. The pain in
your feet lasted quite a while after you got out of the river.

We ended the day with a fire and a picnic.
What a day! We all slept pretty soundly that night.


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Nancy M. said...

I remember outhouses, haven't had to use one in years though. It looks really gorgeous up there! Sounds like y'all are having a great time!