Sunday, April 29, 2012

Memory Lane; Waiting for Harold

While we were waiting and waiting and waiting to take Tizita home, I started thinking back to the months we were waiting for Harold. The entire adoption process for Harold was only 18 months, shorter than Tizita's adoption by a year. So it was a bit easier to be patient but we were still a little anxious for him to be home especially after they e-mailed these photos:


This was one of the first pictures we got of Harold. He was good looking from the very beginning.


We didn't have a blog and there wasn't facebook in those days so we sent the photos off via e-mail to a few friends a family. One of C.O.'s college friends photoshopped that Dew bottle in there. Once upon a time C.O. was a crazy Mountain Dew addict. It's bad, bad stuff boys and girls. But it did make for a great gag photo.

Harold and his foster mom
This one earned him the nickname, "Mondo-Baby."


After this, we called him "The Little Fat Man" and we realized he had curly hair. *awe*


And finally we called him "Handsome Harold."

I am beyond releaved that there is no more waiting for us. We're together, we're a family of four, everything is as it should be . . . for now anyway.  ;-)


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Melissa said...

Too cute! What wonderful memories to share.