Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Lordy, Lordy My Man is Forty (and One Month)

In June we celebrated a couple of big milestones. C.O. turned forty on June 2nd and we "celebrated" our tenth wedding anniversary on June 21st. C.O.'s new job at Snug Harbor Seafoods got in the way of doing anything special for our anniversary but at least he was able to take his birthday off. I suggested we postpone our anniversary celebration for 10.5 years of marriage. Anyway let's not talk about that for too long or I get kind of sad.

C.O.'s first gift of the day was a truck from Harold that he found at a garage sale. The truck was appropriately named "Time Flys." I wonder if the makers realized they spelled flies wrong?

Our first stop was at Louie's in Kenai for breakfast. They have a lot of dead animals hanging on the walls making it feel very Alaskan I guess. The waitress found out it was his birthday so she added a candle to his toast. Sadly it went out before I took the photo making this moment seem a lot less birthday-ish.

Then came the best part of the day, we dropped the kids off with our friends the Millers. As much as we love our kids, it's good to escape from them once in a while and today was a perfect excuse to do just that.

Then the two of us drove south to spend the day in beautiful Homer.

We started with one of C.O.'s favorite past times, looking at boats down on the harbor followed by a walk along the Homer Spit exploring shops and taking in the views.

We had a late lunch at the Mermaid Cafe, an adorable little place that is a cafe, bookstore and bed and breakfast. I want you to notice two things about this photo: the amazing looking food AND all that sunshine. Sunshine is not such a common thing in Homer so it's deserves to be appreciated.


The used book store had an extensive collection of nautical books, another of C.O.'s favorite things. The Mermaid won us over with all her charms. Maybe this is where we'll stay for our 10.5 wedding anniversary.

The day went quickly but it was relaxed and memorable. I'm thankful for that time we spent together especially now. Since June 2nd C.O. as worked every single day and we are starting to miss him in a big way. It'll be a relief in August when he can work a regular forty hour week and spend weekends at home. 

Happy 40th to my hard working, super talented, wonderful husband.