Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas Memories

Since mid-December we have been without an internet connection at our house. After switching providers, we're back up and running. Yay!!! I'm secretly glad we were without service over Christmas vacation. It gave C.O. and I a chance to detox from our little addiction for a while. But it also meant that we were pretty skimpy on the blog posts. So, I apologize for the hodge podge of photos and story snippets but I wanted to document a few highlights from our Christmas in Alaska. I'm sure the grandparents will also appreciated a few Harold photos from the holidays.

Harold joined the other children to sing during the Christmas Eve church service.
He didn't sing much but looked pretty cute just standing there.

Harold on Christmas morning with all of his loot.
He was pretty stoked about his digital camera from Mom.

The week between Christmas Day and New Years Day is when Brevig hosts a variety of races (ATV races, three-legged, kids' foot races, adult sprint races, carry your wife etc.) during the day and Eskimo games and raffles in the evening. We were in Anchorage for a few days and therefore missed a majority of the games but were able to catch the festivities on New Year's Eve. The sled dog competition was held on the ocean ice right in front of our house. Harold and C.O. helped the mushers hold their teams in place while they waited for the other teams to get lined up.

New Year's Eve night we joined everyone at the multipurpose building for raffles and Eskimo games. We bought a few tickets but didn't win anything. Harold scored a popcorn ball, though, and had loads of fun playing with the other kids.

Hope your holidays was as merry as ours!



Cooper said...

That looks beautiful with the sun setting and the dogsled teams. What a great view!

Nancy M. said...

It sounds like a great Christmas! Y'all seem to have a lot of fun up there!