Sunday, May 10, 2009

Weekend Tidbits

Cake decorating is a new hobby I picked up a couple years ago. I now get a few orders here and there for birthday cakes. This weekend I all of a sudden had four cakes to bake and decorate.

Saturday night I helped chaperone a couple hours for the Brevig Mission Prom.
Its fun to see the girls all dressed up and looking lovely.

Sunday morning we invited our friends, the Greta and Mike, over for breakfast. Greta taught in Brevig for a couple years and was invited back as the graduation speaker for the seniors. We enjoyed catching up with them and hearing about their adventures and travels from the past year. They bought Harold the cutest little sweatshirt from C.O.'s Alma Mater, Michigan Tech. I think Harold looks oh so sharp in black.
Sunday afternoon I helped a friend sew wedding kuspuks and the church had a nice Sunday evening sing-spiration (cheesy name, I realize) service.
Hope all you mothers out there had a very special day.

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