Saturday, May 2, 2009

He Dreams of Mud

The warm spring weather has brought in the most wonderful gift for children . . . mud puddles. Harold can't stop talking about playing in them. Tonight I let him run around and get as muddy as he wanted. No holds barred for Harold tonight.

At first Harold thought it was great . . . . then he got really wet and cold.

I ended up pouring the water out of his boots and sticking him straight in the tub.



Nancy M. said...

Boys and mud! They love to be dirty. But, I can see how the cold would mess that up, lol!

Eluciq said... gotta love it! There is a great children's book called Mud by Robert kinders love it!

I remember similar pics of the boys' in Elim & Unalakleet...running through the mud...sometimes past their boot line...oh boy!