Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Carnival

Halloween at the school is madness. We first have a parade and a costume contest. Complete with cash prizes donated by the Traditional Council of Brevig Mission. The school then hands out bags of candy and this year we ended with carnival games and prizes in the gym. Over all it's fun but I'm so glad when it's over.

It's hectic for everyone and especially traumatic for the little kids in kindergarten kids. They start getting freaked out the day before Halloween. I feel it is my duty to teach them that it's just a kid under the mask and they have nothing to be afraid of. If you look closely at the photo above, two little hands are firmly grasped in mine. These two kids just wouldn't let go, I couldn't even take a picture, because letting go of their hand sent them into hysterics. But by the end they were both fine and smiling. They played at the carnival without my by their side and had a great time.

My carnival "booth" was face painting. I always volunteer for the face painting and do a few pictures like a pumpkin, ghost, heart, paw print etc. It's enjoyable and calm, unlike the other booths. My favorite face painting story came from our friend James, who is a for real artist. He did face painting at a carnival once and decided he wouldn't limit the children's options. He said, just pick anything you want and I'll do my best. He was doing fine until one girl asked for her face to look like a Shetland Pony. . . . ummmm. . . all right then. He said it didn't turn out so well.

Hope you all had a fun Halloween.


Erin said...

Looks like a full day!

We had quite a celebration in Nett as well - - including me walking down the "cat walk" in my ostrich jockey inflatable costume for THE WHOLE community! I wasn't near as cute as Harold. :-)

Hope you're all well!

Nancy M. said...

Such cute pictures!