Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Helping Orphans

I got this e-mail from Christian World Adoption yesterday. They are the agency we went through to get Harold. They do great work. The commitment of adoption isn't for everyone, but there are smaller ways to help the millions of orphans in this world.

"November is National Adoption Month and a great time to consider how you will help save the lives of orphans throughout the world. Through supporting adoption and humanitarian aid to children waiting to be adopted -- God is at work in you to provide hope and healing.

As our economy tightens, it's important that your giving makes the maximum impact on those receiving help. There is no better way to make a difference then through giving to ministry in Ethiopia.

Here are 8 ways you can change and save lives now:

1. Purchase food for children in Ethiopia. We are establishing a temporary food bank on the Acacia Village land site. Help us reach our goal of $30,000 by this Christmas by visiting and donating.

2. Organize a Fund a Room Night in your community for Acacia Village During dinner and fellowship, participants pool their resources to name a room at Acacia Village.

3. Give Christmas gift donations (in lieu of material gifts) to Christian World Foundation in honor or memory of loved ones. We will send the gift recipient an acknowledgment card.

4. Bring the Acacia Village vision to your church. Your congregation can raise funds to help build Acacia Village and then travel to Ethiopia on a mission trip.

5. Host a gathering in your home for Acacia Village. This is an opportunity for your friends and associates to be involved in a personal way.

6. Throw a baby shower for kids at Acacia Village. Instead of bringing gifts, participants at the shower choose items to purchase for children in Ethiopia.

7. Eat at home one night a month instead of going out to eat. Donate the savings to Acacia Village.

8. Collect a penny for each orphan in Ethiopia. There are an estimated 4.6 million orphans in Ethiopia. You can establish a penny drive in your community to collect 4.6 million pennies -- one penny representing each orphan in Ethiopia. The total proceeds of $46,000 can be used to name a room at Acacia Village.

I can help you implement any of these ideas. Call or email me anytime. And, as always, continue to pray for the children of Ethiopia."

God's joy and strength to you,
Louis Fawcett
Director of Development
Christian World Foundation

I recommend watching this video as well.

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