Friday, October 31, 2008

Ice Racing

This is a photo of a pair of wheels that I built for ice racing years ago. I call them the "cheese grater" wheels. When I put them on the back of my Mustang they threw two rooster tails of ice chips 50' behind the car. Unfortunately that is about all they did, the car never moved very fast with them. Sadly this summer when we were cleaning up I had to throw them away.


kenlisa said...

We miss your ice races on Big Sturgeon, C.O.!

Bayley said...

It was all about the blades that went on the FRONT wheels! ;)

I too miss the ice races, but enjoy reading about your new life in the Sub (just barely) Arctic.

I tihnk I am going to pull the infamous spiked tires off my Subaru wheels and run a set of 15" snow tires this winter. I'm sure there are other ice races around that I can drag the tires to, but it just wouldn't be the same.