Wednesday, October 1, 2008

CNN Was Here

O.K. so CNN wasn't here, in Brevig, but they were close, only about 60 miles away from us. They did a 5 minute feature last night about Little Diomede during Anderson Copper's show. This is worth a watch if you'd like a glimpse into life in rural Alaska. It's similar to Brevig but even more remote and cut off from society (no TV internet etc.). I realize the point of the story is poking at Sarah's so called foreign policy experience but the reason I'm posting this is to show off some of the endearing qualities of rural Alaska.

It really isn't the most important thing who the governor is and it's totally believable that people don't know our governor's name. The clip of the school girl telling about Big Diomede being in Russia and then giggling, is very cute. Our kids are shy like that. I also LOVE the part when the guy is throwing his garbage in the ocean. When the incinerator is down, it's the only reasonable option out there. Environmentalist are totally going to dig that. When our friend was visiting Diomede, his host asked him to help take out the trash. They walked the the edge of the water and threw it in. It's an experience he'll never forget.


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed that clip into rural AK again! You're right, environmentalist will probably sue the Diomede community now! :) If they only knew....

Nancy M. said...

Very interesting clip! I enjoy learning about Alaska.