Friday, October 17, 2008

Guatemala Here We Come!

This morning I officially signed C.O. and I up for Spanish classes in Antigua, Guatemala. We will be staying with a family and have one on one tutoring for four hours per day. We will be taking classes from June 8th - June 26th, a total of three weeks. Our goal is to learn more Spanish, but in a very laid back environment. We chose short tutoring sessions intentionally and plan to travel and get to know Antigua while we practice our Spanish. When we were in Guatemala (nearly one year ago now) we took a day tour of Antigua and LOVED it! The photo to the right was taken that day. We are so excited to go back. We are going to be working with the Academia Colonial . I got an e-mail today from Sophia who works for the school. I wanted to share some of the descriptions she sent of their program.

"Location: Our school is only two blocks from Central Park in a safe neighborhood close to all the hotspots. The school is recently renovated and refurnished, providing a beautiful, comfortable environment that is conducive for learning. You may study in our courtyard, inside, or on our second floor balcony that over looks the mountains. We bake fresh bread daily (we're known to have some of the best banana bread in Antigua!) and provide coffee and tea – all complementary.

Education: We recruit some of the best teachers in Antigua. Many of our instructors have over 20 years of experience and have taught thousands of students just like you how to speak Spanish no matter your skill level. We teach everyone from absolute beginners to advanced conversationalists. Because the instruction is one-on-one, the course is adapted to your interests and needs. Our program is organized with clear daily and weekly goals for our students at all levels.

Activities: At Academia Colonial you will never be short of things to do nor people to do them with. We are always planning exciting activities for our students ranging from climbing active volcanoes to cooking or salsa dance classes. Most activities are free, others cost a few dollars in the case of transportation, entrance fees, or splitting the grocery bill for our cooking class/cook out! We also plan nights out as well as arrange weekend trips for our students. There are plenty of travel opportunities from Antigua: Pacific beach, high altitude lakes, horse back riding, surfing, scuba diving, you name it.

Family Stays: Our families are very carefully chosen. You will find the houses beautiful, clean, comfortable, and well located. You will have hot showers and delicious meals while getting a chance to practice your Spanish with an engaging family. Meals are provided three times a day except for Sunday. Most of our host families are within just a few blocks of the school."


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What a cool way to learn Spanish!