Saturday, September 13, 2008

Picture of the Day - Boating to Work

Here is a photo of our little row boat. I used it to row across to the neighboring village of Teller. It is about 8 miles from Brevig to Teller and the villages are seperated by water, but there is a narrow spit of land that almost connects them. I used our 4-wheeler to haul the boat about 6 miles down to the end of the spit, from there it is about 1/4 mile of water to row across. Once I got across the water I had to carry my toolbox along the beach about 1 mile to Teller. Just another day work.


kenlisa said...

Hi AnneMarie &'s Lisa from Side Lake! I just stumbled upon your blog and have truly enjoyed reading it! That's a great boat. Did you make it?

Rudstroms said...

Yes, I made the boat. I built it for some friends of ours, Henry and Rita. They are an older couple here that have taught us a lot about living in AK. The boat mostly gets used for tending a salmon net.