Sunday, September 14, 2008

Living Aboard

I realize we kind of left our readers hanging after the post about "The Australians". Turns out Peter is Australian but Maeva is actually French and grew up in New Caledonia. After C.O.'s initial meeting with Maeva and Peter, he invited them to come back the next day and take advantage of our shower, internet and have supper with us. Later that night, they were kind enough to welcome us aboard their boat, Tyhina, for a tour. We were inspired! For those of you who don't know, it's our dream to cruise the world after retirement (which is only 13 years away, btw). We dream about it, read about it, hear about it but have never really met people who ARE doing it. Well, Peter and Maeva are and they have stories to tell! They recently completed the Northwest Passage, no easy feat, and will now be storing Tyhina for a time in Nome. Here's a glimpse into our visit on board.

Looking down into the galley (the kitchen).

Maeva and Harold becoming quick friends.
(Who can resist Harold?)

C.O. feeling right at home.

Harold likes being on the "boat, boat, boat".

View of Tyhina from the dinghy.

I think this was one of the most inspiring evenings I can ever remember. We had a lovely time, with lovely people who are not just dreaming but living the dream. I hope someday, someone is telling about the Rudstroms visiting their little village by way of the sea.


Soren said...

Very cool. It's always inspiring to meet like-minded people who are doing what you are planning!


Anonymous said...

Live your dreams, for you never know what your tomorrows will bring.