Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Jibber Jabber

Harold has recently started talking up a storm. Here's a little clip of some of the words he knows. He's also starting to copy a lot of our words, even if he doesn't totally understand.



Bayley said...
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Bayley said...

It's not global warming that is melting the ice caps, it's actually the hearts from the world's (second) best set of parents.

Woah, that was even a little too mushy for me...

So CO, tell me about that new four wheeler of yours; five speed? six speed? four wheel drive? how many cc's? ;)

Greetings from Germany, until the end of the week at least. We will miss all three of you at Jer's big day this weekend.


P.S. There was no edit function, so I had to delete my original comment. Sorry.