Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Picture of the Day - Australians

I saw two strangers walking through the village today, so I stopped and invited them over for a cup of tea. It turns out they are from Australia and just sailed their 34' sailboat through the Northwest passage. They anchored their boat near Brevig to wait out some bad weather. I'll tell you more of the details of their journey tomorrow.


Mits said...

If I had been on your place, I would have never talked to strangers. You know why? It might have been dangerous to talk to strangers.


Erin said...

Very cool. It IS amazing how many people make it through Brevig Mission! I bet it was exciting to talk to these folks... hope you got some ideas for the sailing adventure you plan to take later in life!

Rudstroms said...

@ mits I'm not sure if you're serious or not about strangers. We feel all they hype about fearing strangers is ridiculous. (This belief will also be passed on to our son.) We've had so many great experiences because we've just struck up a conversation with someone we didn't know. It's sad when people are so afraid of each other for no good reason.

James and Charity said...

Do you guys have a world map at your school for all your out of town guests to put a peg on?


Rudstroms said...

That's a great idea Charity! We don't actually, but we should start.