Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Introducing Tizita

We passed our court hearing on Monday, January 2nd making our daughter Tizita officially a Rudstrom. Unfortunately it takes about 2 to 4 months for the U.S. embassy to issue her a passport and travel visa. So, we still have a bit of a wait until we are able to take the munchkin home.

Let's spend a little time getting to know the little darling shall we?

This is Tizita Rita Rudstrom. 

Tizita is the name given to her by the police who found her.
Tizita means "memory" or "to remember fondly" in Amharic.


Harold was the first to discover that Tizita has ticklish feet and that placing stuffed animals on her head also makes her smile.


She is a total cuddle bug (the opposite of Harold),


she yawns when she's tired,


and scratches her nose when it itches.


Tizita is very comfortable in her daddy's arms. In fact, when she babbles she says, "da, da, da, daddy". We will be working on associating "daddy" with C.O. first thing when we have her home.


And most news worth of all, Tizita has recently changed her relationship status from "single" to "family of four".


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful family!
It is wonderful to finally meet
Tizita. :) Harold looks very comfortable being the BIG brother. We are very happy for all of you.

Grandma Cindy and Grandpa Roger

Kendra Jean said...

What a darling girl!! Looks like she fit right into your family, and you all have so much love on your faces!! Won't be long before you get to love and snuggle her everyday. Congratulations!!

Niedziela said...

She is a beautiful little girl and so very lucky to have such a wonderful family to call hers. Congratulations on officially becoming her parents and may you have all the happiness possible with her and Harold.

Meredith Beck said...

Congratulations! Will you fly back to Ethiopia to bring her home in a few months?

Anonymous said...

She's so precious! Congratulations to all of you!

Sheryl Tokarczyk

The Rudstroms said...

Yes, we'll be flying back in a couple months (hopefully) to get her. I'm tired just thinking about it! But it'll all be worth it in the end. =)

James and Charity said...

Oh, she is such a sweetheart! Congratulations! I pray the days ahead pass quickly as you wait to return.

You all sure make a beautiful family!


Anonymous said...

I want to snuggle with her, she is so darn cute. Bless your hearts and may the transition be easy for you all.

Love, Amy, James and fam

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing these cute pictures.
God bless your growing family,
Carol and Gary Andrews

Nancy M. said...

Aww, she is so precious! Tizita looks so loving and sweet! Can't wait for y'all to bring her home!