Sunday, January 8, 2012

During the 1970s and 80s the Russians were in Ethiopia.  They are no longer there, but their cars are.  There are thousands of these old Lada 1200s that are still being used as taxis.  Some of them are in nice looking condition, and the owners have them customized with all kinds of chrome accessory's.



Anonymous said...

In 1992 I visited a friend in Poland who was there on a Fulbright fellowship. We borrowed a neighbor's Lada for a short car trip. A drab, rough little car and kinda cramped for a 6', 190 lb American. But it ran in the freezing weather.
Like the Tanzanians I visited, I hope the Ethiopians never give up their colorful dress for the blah western blue-jeans and tee shirt uniformity. Looking forward to meeting your new daughter! Tim S.

Anonymous said...

When will Soren be selling them in the USA? Fun looking. Great for small people.