Sunday, October 23, 2011

Gotcha Day Take Four

The first hour that Harold was our child, four years ago in Guatemala, he was incredibly hungry.  His foster mother, in her great distress over saying goodbye to Harold that day, had forgotten his formula. By the time the formalities of the "transfer" meeting were over, we had one fussy baby on our hands. Room service was the surest and fastest way to get food to our room and into the belly of our chubby little guy. That is how it happened that Harold had french fries and tortilla soup for his first meal as a Rudstrom.


During our most recent trip to Guatemala, we stayed in the same hotel as we did on our first trip and called room service. Shortly after, french fries and tortilla soup were delivered as we relived our first minutes as parents.

On Saturday we once again relived our first day as parents. We cuddled in bed in the morning telling Harold our memories from that day. Saturday the 22nd was Harold's fourth annual Gotcha Day, a day to celebrate.


We experimented with fondant,


invited some oh so fun people over,


ate some delicious food and watched our adoption journey video.


Happy Gotcha Day young man. We are thankful for you each and every day.

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So glad we gotcha!