Thursday, October 6, 2011

Another Man's Treasure

Nome isn't the only option for shopping around here. Another favorite of ours is . . .


the dump.


Honestly people throw away the craziest things.


C.O.'s love of scavenging is rubbing off on our son. Harold manages to find all kinds of useful stuff.


C.O.'s been needing a new tank for his shop and found a perfectly good one just waiting for a good home.

C.O. has come home with all kinds of other wonderful treasures: pots and pans, copper to sell for scrap, lumber, metal for making thing such as this, plumbing fittings and ATV and snowmobile parts.

Normally I'm not too crazy about going to the landfill because of the smell, but since it's getting colder and starting to freeze up, it hardly even stinks.


Certainly can't beat the view from our dump.

". . . all kinds of good stuff dear."
"There's a trailer hitch ball, they're worth $20!"
"The trailer's full, I'll get that on the next trip."

-- Quotes from C.O. during our latest dump run.



Anita said...

I have a fun story about a dump trip. We were on a visit to my parents' home on the Range one time and my dad was headed for the dump. Dear hubby wanted to go with him and dad was refusing to take him. The debate (at least from what I'm told) about whether DH could join dad. DH finally settled it by climbing into the cab of the truck with a "I'm going." He found out why he might be an extra on the jaunt to the dump. The same kind of scavenging was going on ... looking for treasures. It could be another of those fishing stories, but I'm told he came home with about as much as he dropped off.

One piece of city living with alleyways is all the fun stuff I've found. I've carried a trunk with me hither and yon ... from an alley long ago!

The Rudstroms said...

I admire your husband's determination to join him. =) Thanks for the fun story.

Nancy M. said...

It is crazy what gets thrown away sometimes! Yours sounds like a good one to go to!