Wednesday, May 25, 2011

One Big Small Town -- Love is All Around

There’s about 600,000 people in Alaska and over the past nine years, we have gotten to know quite a few of these people. No matter where we go throughout the state and beyond, we run into people we know making Alaska feel like one (big) small town. 

We left Brevig on Saturday night in pursuit of summer vacation and once again drove our 4-wheeler the 80 miles into Nome. There we met my brother John and good friend and college roommate Mollie for dinner at Airport Pizza.

The restaurant in Nome and the flight to Anchorage was filled with friends and acquaintances. During the flight, Harold drew a picture and delivered it to his Uncle John. Our friends a few rows back let Harold play games on their iPad. From Anchorage to Seattle we sat across from the kindergarten teacher in Teller. From Seattle to Minneapolis we sat in front of Dana, my roommate my first year in Brevig. These stories are not uncommon as we travel within and out of Alaska.

All that just to say, we live in a unique place, have come to know and love the people around us. We have even convinced some loved ones from our past life to join us on this crazy adventure. I just realized Harold is growing up thinking that knowing half the people in the restaurant and on the airplane is normal, but it’s just not for most people. But in our small (big) town love is all around.


Anita said...

Oh, how lucky he is. :)
Happy Trails to you!

Adcox fam said...

Just wanted to say "Hi." We wish we could have seen you come through Nome. If you have time on your way back please give us a call. We also want to let you know before hand that we have officially made plans to move and we will be leaving in Sept. We have not made definite plans on where we plan to move, but the plan is to stay in Alaska. We have enjoyed getting to know you all over the years and you are welcome to come and visit us anytime.