Saturday, May 14, 2011

Many Thanks

The principal at Brevig Mission School, Robin Gray, has been with us for six years now. Next fall she will be moving on to her next job in education working as a director of special education in another part of the state.


Because of her years of service and the positive impact she has had on the school and students, we wanted to say, "thanks" with a surprise party.


For the past month or so, the ladies on staff have been working together to make a t-shirt quilt for Robin using various Brevig Mission School t-shirts. 


We think it will be a wonderful way for her to remember her time here in Brevig Mission.


She was also given some beaded earrings, a sweatshirt picturing dry fish and an angel wall hanging made of seal skin. All ring with the culture and talent of Brevig Mission.

We all wish you the best in the future Robin!

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