Friday, May 28, 2010

Bolger Fast Brick

Today we are on day four of our early summer adventure, a road trip that revolves around this boat. Currently, it lives in Colorado and in just a few short days it will be ours. We are taking two weeks to drive through Minnesota, Iowa, Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming and South Dakota as we loop back to Northern Minnesota.

You may wonder why we are driving 2400 miles to buy this particular boat. Our reasons are twofold. The first is that the boat was designed by a man named Phil Bolger. C.O. particularly admires Bolger's unconventional, no nonsense approach to boat design. It seems people either love or hate his creations. C.O. falls in the “love it” category. C.O. had a few questions for the Colorado boat builder who spent two years constructing the 12 foot "Fast Brick" . Though it was not our intent, one e-mail led to another until we agreed to buy the boat instead of build a similar one ourselves.

The boat itself is a treasure, but we are also acquiring it as part of our retirement dream. The plan is for the Fast Brick to be used as the dinghy on our live aboard cruiser. In the meantime, it will be kept at the cabin in Minnesota where it'll be used around Side Lake and to explore neighboring waters.


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Anonymous said...

hope you look us up when you're in town! Lori & Tony