Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A $1 Adventure

One of the great things about being Harold is that people just give you things. Just this week, while buying meat and cheese at the deli, the lady behind the counter gave him a slice of salami to snack on as he waited. At The Stand (a local drive-in restaurant) the waitress gave him a toy that usually comes with the children's meal, even though he didn't even order his own food! It has been this way from the beginning, while traveling back from Guatemala the first time, the lady at Starbucks gave Harold one of the bananas near the register. At the time, I never expected the trend to continue.

To Harold, the best gift of all, however, is money. Perhaps Harold should just stay 3-years-old and adorable forever because he will never have to work a day in his life. People see him and just open up their pocket books and start handing out bills.

Great-grandma Aiti is one of these wonderful benefactors. She gave Harold one dollar that he proudly brought with him the next day as the two of us hit a local garage sale. The very first thing Harold spied were these old fashioned, clamp on roller skates. He was adamant that he buy them so he could go skating with mom. When the time came to pay for them, the ladies putting on the sale told Harold he could just have the skate and tried to give him back his dollar. This was actually pretty upsetting to Harold and he made sure they took his money.

Getting the skates on took a full 15 minutes followed by 2 minutes of skating with a significant amount of help from mom and dad. But it was worth every penny!


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Nancy M. said...

Oh, he's so precious I can see why people want to give him things! I'll bet he makes everyone smile! I remember having skates like that growing up, those must be really old, lol! It's great he wanted to pay for them!