Friday, March 5, 2010

Elim's Basketball Team 2010

How could I pass up this photo opportunity? These boys look so sharp in their men's kuspuks. Some of the ladies in Elim got together to make the boys matching kuspuks for the 1A Regional Basketball Tournament being held this weekend in Brevig Mission. It's no coincidence that my parents' visit coincided with the tournament. Notice the only ginger in the picture? Ya, that's my brother John, the coach for these handsome and talented young men.

Almost the entire Lindula clan has gathered in Brevig to cheer on the teams (we wish you were here Brian!) We will be spending a ridiculous amount of time over at the school this weekend but it should be a lot of fun. Good luck to all the teams!


Anonymous said...

What a good looking team; esp the the coaches assistant. Good luck to all the teams.

Anonymous said...

The really tall one, that's my uncle Oscar...

The Rudstroms said...

Dear Anonymous,
Your uncle was a special guy. I hardly knew him but it broke my heart when I learned he had died in that accident last Fall. His parents, Joyce and Oscar, are some of the sweetest people I have ever met. I think of them often. Love to you.