Friday, March 12, 2010

Beaver Hats

Don't they look so cute in their new beaver hats? I made these for my Mom's late birthday present and threw an extra one in for my Dad. Warm gear is essential when traveling to the arctic this time of year. We've had some pretty serious cold weather during their visit with temperatures dipping to 20 below plus some wind chill. Brrrrr! But despite the cold, their heads are now toasty warm.

With so much family living in this region (2 children, a son-in-law & a grandchild), my coworker asked why my parents don't just move up here. They're probably not ready to leave Minnesota behind, but I'm very thankful they're willing to use their time and energy to travel all this way to see us.

We really enjoyed the week and a half we spent together. Time flew and we wish they could have stayed longer. Their travels will now bring them to Elim to see John, to Nome to see some Iditarod mushers arrive and to Anchorage for the State 1A Basketball Tournament.

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