Friday, April 24, 2009

Round Trip to Nome: Part I

On Tuesday, April 21st, the Rudstroms drove their snow machine from Brevig Mission to Nome and back again.

Travel Distance: 160 miles
Drive Time: 7 hours
Time Away from Home: 13 hours

C.O. preparing the sleds for the trip.

Why would we make such a crazy trip?

Harold needed a passport for our upcoming trip to Guatemala. When applying for a passport for a minor, it is required that both parents and the child appear in person. So Nome, being the closest location for acquiring a passport, was our destination. We literally could not have gone one day sooner. To apply for Harold's passport we first needed his Social Security Number and Proof of Citizenship document. (We are still at the tail end of making Harold "official" in the US.) These arrived in the mail on Monday, we drove to Nome on Tuesday.

We could have flown, but a round trip flight costs $250 per person and we decided that a bit of discomfort was worth the savings. We spent less than $100 on fuel versus, $750 in airplane tickets. Not to mention, it was an opportunity for some adventure and a story or two. Those stories will follow soon, stay tuned . . .



Krista said...

Dave and I went snowmobiling in Michigan this year. We had planned to go out 2 days, but the first day we ended up on a "detour" and rode for 9 hours, over 200 miles. On day 2, we couldn't move - literally, we hurt soooooo bad!

The Rudstroms: AnnMarie, C.O. & Harold said...

I can't remember the time I was as sore as I was on Wednesday. Are we glutton for punishment Krista?