Saturday, April 25, 2009

Round Trip to Nome: Part II The Trail

Along the trail we spotted quite a bit of wildlife. We saw a few reindeer, a herd of musk oxen, some moose including a mama with twins, ptarmigan and a red fox. We stopped near the reindeer so Harold could see them up close. He calls them "ring-ga-deers" and once we drove away, he was adamant about going to see them again. Now, a few days later, he tells his stories about riding them, falling off and other exciting things we can't quite decipher. Such an imagination!

A lone ring-ga-deer

Break Time

Harold did great throughout the journey. He would basically sleep while we were riding, then wake up when we stopped for a break. About every 20 miles or so, we would stretch our legs and have a snack. Our snacks along the way consisted of tea and chocolate chip cookies. This is BLISS in the world of a 2 year old. The day after our return Harold wanted to "snowmachine to Nome, eat cookies and tea."
Life on the trail is good!


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