Sunday, April 19, 2009

A First Haircut

We weren't in a hurry to cut Harold's curly locks. We agreed that once his hair was in his eyes and bothering him, it'd be time for the long hair to go. Well, that time came this weekend. Harold was continually being annoyed by his hair and wouldn't let me tie it back in a pony tail any more. So reluctantly, I pulled out the clippers and scissors and gave Harold his very first haircut. It was very sad watching his beautiful hair fall to the floor. But I survived and now all that hair is being stored in a zip lock bag. Because for some reason mom's save that sort of thing.



Harold did a pretty good job throughout the process. He wasn't scared or crabby about it. He was, however, a noisy moving target, which kind of scare me a bit since I was holding sharp scissors the entire time. But at last, there was no blood shed, just some beautiful dark curls.


The Litrenta Family said...

It still looks great!

Nancy M. said...

I think he's even more gorgeous now! He looks more grown up.