Sunday, February 15, 2009

Pocket Wrench

I normally carry a small wrench in my pocket, because you just never know when you might need to work on something. The wrench that I have had for years is a 4" crescent or adjustable open end wrench. It is small and light weight, unfortunately it only opens up to 1/2" and many bolts have a 9/16" or larger head.

The green wrench is my old 4", the silver one is a new 6" crescent wrench that I modified. The 6" wrench will open much bigger than 1/2", but it was too big to carry in my pocket. I decided to cut it down shorter and add a screw driver to the handle.

The end result is just a little longer than the green wrench, but will still fit in my pocket ok. The screw driver part is from a "4 in 1" screw driver, it has a removable bit with philips on one end and a straight blade on the other. I cut the handle off the wrench and the screw driver, then welded the pieces together. After welding I ground and polished all the sharp corners off.


jeremie91 said...

I'll bet it breaks! ha ha.


Soren said...

The real question is, will the screwdriver end just stab you in the leg all day long? Otherwise looks like a useful multi-tool. Have you applied for a patent yet? :)


Rudstroms said...

I have been carrying it around for a few days now with no problems. I have a little rubber cap thing that I put over the screwdriver end, but I don't think it is really necessary. I hardly notice it among all the other junk in my pocket (keys, tape measure, spare change, etc).