Friday, February 20, 2009

Photo of the Day- What is it?

Anybody have an idea what this is?


Tim Sullivan said...

C.O.: My first reaction is that it is a hub with (some missing) spokes. I didn't spot any objects in the photo to establish scale, so I will guess it is the hub for a table-top umbrella. Or not.

What is interesting is how the slots in the hub's outer surface are cut or extruded with ridges, forming longitudinal barbs so the attached tubing can be flattened on one end, inserted into the slots, and will resist being pulled out. No drilling, no fasteners needed. Slick for assembly, but probably not good at resisting side forces.

Still sub-zero here overnight, but warming up. How much daylight are you guys gaining each day?

Tim S.

James and Charity said...

Isaiah says it's something that goes " 'roun' and 'roun' "

Rudstroms said...

Isaiah, you are brilliant! I think you & Tim should get together to discuss your ideas on the subject.