Monday, February 2, 2009

More San Francisco

Harold and I get to spend our days out exploring the city while AnnMarie is busy with her conference. We look at a lot of the little details that most tourists might not be interested in.

San Francisco has a lot of hills. Some of them are very steep. I took this photo to give you an idea of the slope on a typical street.

There are a lot of boats in San Francisco. We spent a lot of time today walking the docks and checking them out. The boats in this photo are mostly commercial fishing boats. The water front area is full of restaurants serving fresh sea food that comes from these boats.

It is interesting looking at work boats. Nothing is done for show, everything is made to be usable and economical. This photo below shows some construction details of a crane used to haul crab pots over the side of a boat. The interesting thing about this setup is the use of a standard trailer hitch coupler to make a easily removable support member for the crane boom.


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Harmony said...

Looks like fun!
BTW - I'm giving you an award on my blog. :)