Sunday, February 22, 2009


Amuk is the Inupiaq word for how I'm carrying Harold. It's the traditional way Eskimo folks carry their children around. It works pretty well, in this climate, to be wrapped up together to protect us from the cold arctic air. We didn't do it much last winter because Harold would make such a fuss. However, this year, he's a fan and often asks to be amuked. Doesn't he look so snug and cozy?


srhcb said...

Obviously not the source of the phrase "run amuk"?

And .... CO's GRAY HAIR!!!


Nancy M. said...

I would want to be snug like that too! I was thinking of run amuk too!

Rudstroms said...

@srhcb It's the truth, he's going gray. Makes me feel like I married an old guy. =)