Tuesday, July 29, 2008


One of the more disappointing things about modern food is the loss of tasty produce. The fresh fruits and vegetables found in supermarkets are engineered or selected based on appearance and size, not taste. Have you ever bought the biggest, bluest, yummiest looking blueberries only to find they taste like sawdust? I have and I am continually let down. It's unfortunate that we have come to base purchases off of looks instead of taste and nutritional value. My hope is that this trend will turn around in America.

What can be done? One great option now is to buy produce locally at places like your nearest farmer's market. We stopped by one the other day and purchased this amazing tasting watermelon. It also happened to be yellow, I had never heard of such a thing, so we bought it. Check out the lovely yellow, the bright green rind and *gasp* it has seeds. Let me tell you, I resent seedless watermelons. First, I have never had one that tasted any good. Secondly, half the fun of a watermelon is spitting out the seeds and telling kids that if they swallow them, a watermelon plant will grow in their stomach. So, I encourage you to boycott that pale green, pale pink, seedless junk they pass as a watermelon in the grocery store and buy (or grow) something that's actually good to eat.


Fisheads! said...

I couldn't agree with you more! I work for a "chain" grocery store and it is all about looks! In my dealings with the general public, "if it don't look right, then it's not right." It is sad. The "chain store" is the worst. We throw out meat and produce at an alarming rate because it just doesn't look right and will not sell! It is prefectly fine to eat but they (the store) won't allow it on the shelf. Oh so wasteful!

James and Charity said...

We are enjoying the yummy food from our CSA farm this year. It tastes so fresh! It's really amazing how many different things can grow in the short summer of the Teton Valley. We are getting many foods that we've never eaten before, but we keep finding yummy ways to eat them. And, since most of the produce we get is picked fresh that very day, the appearance is quite attractive. Farmer's Markets and CSA farms and local gardens are a benefit to the growers, eaters, and the environment--everybody wins!

Beautiful picture of the yellow watermelon!


Rudstroms said...

Been enjoying your blog posts of all the food you've been getting. I'm kind of jealous of it all, especially now that we're back in Brevig.