Sunday, July 13, 2008

Beach Party

We made the best of our get together in spite of the wind, rain and cold. Summer in Minnesota hasn't been the best this year with all the cool temps. I'm making myself feel better by saying, "I'm so glad we're having such a nice Fall."

The day of the party, I had to change into pants and a sweatshirt when the weather didn't warm up by noon (grrr!). We were also very careful to hold onto our paper plates and plastic cups so the wind wouldn't blow them away. C.O. and Soren had plans to use their sailboats a bit that day. They tried, but the wind was just too strong for their boats. I sound like I'm crabbing but I'm only crabbing over the weather, besides that it was a great day. The food was yummy, quite a few people came, we had fun visiting and watching the kids play in the water. It started to rain in the afternoon, we were grateful to Mary for saving us by hosting the party in the house. But in the end, the weather didn't ruin the day, we had fun in spite of it.


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James and Charity said...

You are welcome to come visit us and our heat in Idaho!