Friday, May 30, 2008

Soldotna, Day 2

Believe it or not, C.O.’s Uncle Al and his friend Chuck from the North Shore in Minnesota, were in Alaska and staying near Soldotna doing some fishing. So, we took Saturday morning to drive down to the campground he was staying at to say hello. It was nice to visit, have some lunch and hear a little about their fishing.

In the evening, we drove with Lyndi, Michael and Ellsi to Kenai to check out the local market and walk a little on the Kenai Beach. Harold enjoyed throwing rocks in the water and even eating a few. We had planned to fly kites but oddly enough the wind was not blowing. I guess this rarely happens. But lucky for us, when we got back to the Miller’s home, where we planned to BBQ, there, the wind was blowing like crazy and dancing in circles. But we all braved the winds and ate very quickly.

I guess the sound of the waves put Ellsi to sleep.

I think Harold could throw rocks in the water all day long.


James and Charity said...

It sure is fun to read all about your adventures! Thanks for the cute pictures too!


Harmony said...

Looks like you're having a GREAT trip!
I wish Maggie would throw rocks (though I'm sure I'll be eating those words later..). For now, she just eats the rocks ;)