Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Wasilla, Alaska

On Sunday we drove straight from Soldotna to Wasilla to see Mollie, Trevor and Ryer Harings. Three out of the four people we stayed with on the Alaskan Tour live on the water. The Harings were one of those people, they live on a nice little lake outside of Wasilla. Ryer and Harold are only one month apart in age. Harold is a real lover and willingly hands out hugs and kisses, even when they're not very welcomed. He was sure to go after Ryer and give him lots of lovin'. Ryer wasn't too excited about it and turned the other way when he saw Harold coming. It was hilarious to watch. Here's Trevor corralling the two boys for a quick photo.

Side Note: Monday was C.O.’s birthday. He can now officially say he's in his mid-thirties, not early thirties. I think his getting older is harder on me than on him.

We drove up to Hatcher’s Pass with Mollie and Trevor in the afternoon and took in the sights. It was a beautiful drive along a stream and up into the mountains. We stopped at a rest area and let the boys run around a little. They could have cared less about the scenery, but the rocks in the parking lot were awesome.

On Tuesday we said goodbye to the Harings and prepared for our red-eye flight to Minnesota. We're on to phase two of summer vacation. We had a great time touring our new home state and are reminded of all the great people we know. We are blessed to have so many interesting and wonderful friends in our lives. Every time we’d get in the car C.O. would say two things. “What a great trip you planned,” and “What nice people so and so are, we have such great friends.” It’s really so true. Thank you to each of you who put us up, fed us, were great company and showed us a great time.

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