Sunday, September 23, 2012

Meeting the Buyse Family

About five years ago we received a call from our adoption agency, Christian World Adoption. They told us about another family in Alaska that was in the process of adopting a child from Guatemala and that they had a few questions for us. C.O. and Montey had talked briefly at that time but we had not kept in touch. Harold came in October, their daughter came the following January. 

We got another call last winter from CWA that the Buyses were considering adopting again. This time from Ethiopia! They are planning to adopt a sibling set in fact. As we were passing through Anchorage during our bush living days, we were never quite able to connect. But now that we live within a reasonable driving distance, we planned a date to meet for lunch.

Over Labor Day, our two little miracles were introduced. They were so busy being five year olds, I don't think they realized how cool it was to meet each other.

The Buyses are a lovely family with a big heart for adoption. I hope that we will continue to see them over the years as our children grow. It will be valuable for our children to know there are others out there growing up in similar situations. I'm pretty sure we will be the only two families in Alaska with Guatemalan and Ethiopian children calling eachother brother and sister. =) We pray for a smooth adoption process, that the paperwork will go through as quickly as possible and that God will prepare the Buyses for their children and the two future Buyses for their new family.



Meredith Beck said...

What a cool story! It's amazing to see how God works things out.

Meredith Beck said...
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Melissa said...

What a meaningful time for all of you. I'm sure it's a huge blessing to your friends for you to share the things you've learned through your adoption experiences.