Saturday, September 8, 2012

Our New Home That Doesn't Quite Belong to Us

We have finally moved into our new house in our new location of Soldotna. We put a bid in on this three story, three bedroom, two and a half bath place sight unseen while we were still vacationing at the cabin in Minnesota. Fortunately, when we met the house in person we were just as happy with it as we were with the pictures.

We don't have much in the house right now. Our worldly possessions are still in Brevig Mission in our container van waiting for the barge to pick it up. The kids have been keeping themselves busy learning how to do hand stands and making paper airplanes since all their toys are packed away.

The new Rudstrom dwelling is nestled in the woods on a two acre lot on a gravel road less than ten minutes from the business of Soldotna. It's a complete turn around from our 600 square foot house on the sea without a tree in sight for miles and miles.

We have already met one of our neighbors. Iris and family live across the road and invited us over to meet their little goats. They have all kinds of cool stuff at their house, kids and dirt bikes and 4-wheelers and tractors. They seem like great people to know.

There have been some complications along the way of becoming home owners. The bank has not been willing to give us a loan until I produce my first pay stub at my new job. I've started work, I'm under contract for the school year, we have excellent credit, very little debt but they still aren't sure if we are trustworthy enough. Fortunately, the seller was understanding enough to let us move in, rent the place and wait for my pay check at the end of September so we can close in early October. What a relief!

Stay tuned. I've been very busy living, blogging very little, experiencing a lot and I can't wait to share little snippets our life here on the Alaskan road system with you all!


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Anonymous said...

Congratulations! May You be warm and well in Your new home. Looks warm and cozy. It was very cold this morning. People who had to work were scrapping ice off windshields.. I'm retired so i just sit by the fire, so to speak. My daughter's flowers are all the worse for wear this morning. Very Best to You, motsfo