Friday, October 12, 2012

We Are Not (Do You Hear Me?) Going to Get a Dog

There is no way we could add a dog to our already hectic life.

Dogs need tons of exercise.

They get hair on the carpet.

Not to mention the hair on your clothes.

Have you seen the price of dog food?

A dog would be such a hassle when we want to travel.

I'm sorry but, they are just too much work!

. . .


Meet Aussie: The dog that chose us.

It is not terribly uncommon for a dog to wander through our yard. We have quite a few neighbors and everyone in Alaska seems to have a dog. About a week and a half ago a very friendly and handsome dog ended up playing in the yard with the kids. Come evening, he didn't go home. We woke up the next morning and found him sitting on the back porch. It was hard not to take pity on him when he sat at the back door looking at us like this:


We wrote our phone number on his collar hoping he would wander home, that his owners would call and we could let them know that he had been spending quite a bit of time at our house. This is sort of what happened. "Our" dog ended up at one of the neighbor's house who decided to look him up on a facebook page which listed local missing dogs. What do ya know? A picture of this dog had been posted. The neighbor called the owners and said their dog had been found. The owners were worried about his well being since he had been gone for over a week but the lady said he looked great and even had a collar with a phone number on it. The owners ended up calling us and asking if we had been taking care of their dog.

C.O. explained the situation and by the end of the conversation they asked if we'd just like to keep him. It turns out, they had been out biking one day when a lady pulled up in her car asking them to take her dog since she was leaving town shortly and couldn't take him along. The family took him out of pity but really weren't interested in having another dog. We learned that he is part Australian Shepard and part German Shepard. He is named Aussie, he's already had his first round of shots, is house trained, knows how to sit, is gentle with children and can walk nicely on a leash. He's just an all around nice dog so despite or intitial misgivings . . . we think we'll keep him.



Meredith Beck said...


srhcb said...

Do you sometimes suspect there's an entire dog society, running parallel to ours, that can analyze and coordinate interaction between our species, much as we like to think we can.

The dogs had been watching your family for quite a while now, and knew you needed one of them. But they waited until you bought your new home to send one of their own to live with you.

(That explains your dog's short stay with the previous family, as you went through the machinations of buying a house.)

Anonymous said...

Grandpa Roger says looks like a complete Alaskan Family. Nice Dog!

The Rudstroms said...

srhcb, sometimes I feel less like I own this dog and more like he has just decided to let us care for him.


srhcb said...


I'm pretty sure that's the way the dogs understand it?