Sunday, December 5, 2010

We Traveled South of the Tree Line For This

 This being the first time we have had a real Christmas tree, we were lacking a tree stand.  C.O. got resourceful and made our stand from an old cable spool.  We're unsure if one would call this recycling or upcycling as we are not up on our trendy speak around here.

 Harold is at the perfect age for decorating.  He carefully analyzes each ornament before placing it on the tree.  I realize, sadly, that one day he will not be quite so enthused about such things.  So for now, I will appreciate these moments.

Don't you love how children decorate the tree?  
You can't see them all here, but there are six ornaments all hanging on one branch.

Leave it to my mother to find an Eskimo nativity set.  (Love you mom!)

So many ornaments tell a story.  This angel brings back memories of a Russian missionary who flew to Brevig Mission to sell trinkets and raise money.  The poor thing barely spoke a lick of English.  She came around carrying a binder with a written description of why she was raising money.  She was all alone, didn't have a place to stay and was being followed by a pack of curious children.  I don't know who put her up to this but they apparently didn't realize her trip could in no way be profitable.  We took pity on her and bought an ornament.

Bring on the Christmas season!



Meredith said...

Little kids are so funny when decorating a tree... :) Precious!

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful!

Anonymous said...

where's Harold's tree?


The Rudstroms said...

C.O. and Harold just built a stand for it today. It's sitting on the table undecorated at this point. More obnoxious coverage of our Christmas tree coming soon.


Nancy M. said...