Friday, December 17, 2010

The Christmas Program: A Holiday Tradition

Thursday was the night of our school's Christmas program.  It happened to be the first one in which Harold was a participant.  He and all the students did a wonderful job of singing and entertaining their families.

For most of you, multiple photos and videos would be as enjoyable as pulling teeth.  Grandmas and grandpas, on the other hand, can watch videos to their hearts content here and here*. 

I would, however, recommend watching the video below.  It was put together by a couple of the high school teachers and ended up being an impressive production.  It's a fun glimpse into the life of our school. 

*and if all that wasn't enough for you, there's more on the school's blog as well.


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Cooper said...

The movie is great! What a nice way to share the holiday spirit at school by making a movie.

Merry Christmas, Rudstroms!

The Cooper