Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Making Friends

We have been active on our blog for about three years now.  RFB has been a nice way to share our day to day lives with our friends and family far away.  An unexpected bonus to blogging has been the opportunity to connect with some folks we might not have otherwise known. 

One of these connections that come to mind is Nancy M. of Southern Blessings.  Nancy is very sweet and has been probably the most consistent commenter here.  I hope that our paths meet someday Miss Nancy M.  =)

More recently we "met" Anita of Living the Alaska Dream.  Anita is originally from Minnesota and is someone I know of but don't know, ya know?  She takes gorgeous photos that do an amazing job of capturing the beauty of central Alaska.  My hope is to someday take pictures that are at least half as lovely as hers.

Then there's the G family.  One of my coworkers, Zach, moved to Brevig last year to teach math.  Around the time Zach got the job, his folks were searching for information about Brevig Mission and happened upon our blog.  Since then, they have been keeping up with our posts.  About a month ago Marla and Bill G were in Brevig to see their son and we were fortunate enough to have them over for a visit.  It was a wonderful opportunity to hear about some of their interesting jobs and adventures.  It made us feel pretty special (maybe even a little famous) that they knew about some of our shenanigans through the blog.

Shortly after meeting the Gs, we received a box in the mail with all kinds of goodies from central Illinois.  It was from Marla and Bill and was filled with fall treasures.  We're enjoying it all very much and are still smiling from the kind words that also came in the box.

So thank you to those of you who follow our blog, to those who comment and let us know your thoughts and to Marla and Bill for your kind words and thoughtfulness.  You have brightened our days and been a true encouragement.


Anita said...

You are much too kind. You are living the life I'd like to step into for a short time ... some time in my life. Maybe we'll be able to pop in sometime to say hello.

The Rudstroms said...

Well, you're always welcome Anita. You'd be surprised how many people manage to make it up this way. Though it is remote, expensive and time consuming to get here.


Nancy M. said...

I would love to meet you too one day! Too bad we're so far apart! I will have to check out the other blogs you mentioned.