Saturday, October 9, 2010

Jacking up the House

We needed to jack up our house to fix the foundation and to make room to insulate the floor.   Luckily we have a friend from Nome that is a house mover.  Roger, his son Amos, and Roger's friend Tim drove up to Teller and then took their boat across to Brevig.
The first step to raising the house was to dig holes under the edges so we could get the jacks underneath.
Roger brought his air jacks with for the project.  They are basically heavy duty rubber bladders that you inflate with an air compressor.  We lifted one side of the house at a time, using four of the air jacks.  When we were done with the project the house was almost 2 feet off the ground. 
Here is Roger, eyeing up the house while he adjusts the pressure in the jacks.


Nancy M. said...

Wow! Cool!

Anita said...

Did you get the project done? Jari was doing work on the slope where they lift entire buildings by spraying foam into the floors. Hoping for a warmer winter in your home!

The Rudstroms said...

We finished the jacking part of the project, now I am working on insulating the floor. The weather is just starting to get cold and snowy here so it's time to get it done.